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Press Release: Jugo launches Jugo spaces

The cloud-based solution harnesses the power of AWS, NVIDIA, and Unreal Engine to provide immersive and personalized digital spaces
Neeha Curtis Chief Communications Officer
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Published: Nov 2023

NEW YORK and LONDON –  Nov. 1, 2023 – Jugo, a technology company committed to redefining digital communication and collaboration, today announced Jugo spaces, its cloud-based communication platform that transforms the virtual meeting experience, moving beyond the traditional video conference to create immersive, multi-sensory environments that embrace the human presence – not just voice and two-dimensional visuals. Jugo spaces empowers businesses to create personalized, custom-branded, and authentic digital experiences, enabling every virtual interaction to be as unique as those in the real world. 

Amid the ever-evolving digital landscape, Jugo spaces leverages 3D immersive technology and artificial intelligence to combat Zoom fatigue, ensuring that connections remain meaningful and impactful. Combining the power of AWS, NVIDIA, and Unreal Engine, Jugo spaces offers an unparalleled, one-click, no-download experience, eliminating the need for additional hardware or headsets.

We are thrilled to introduce Jugo spaces, which marks a significant milestone in reimagining how we connect and communicate in the virtual world,” said Spencer Green, Founder and CEO of Jugo. “Because the current tools haven’t lived up to the expectations of employees, we’re seeing more companies adopt Jugo’s immersive communication technology, which brings authentic, sensory, and inclusive experiences into the workplace. Our revolutionary platform, Jugo spaces, integrates gaming, AI, and enterprise cloud technology to put human connection at the forefront, empowering brands and businesses to host dynamic one-on-ones or town halls effortlessly. Jugo spaces is critical for businesses striving to connect in a more human, engaging, and personalized way.

The underlying technology incorporated into Jugo spaces brings spatial, audio, and mixed reality AI to enterprises at scale. The 3D capabilities of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, with advanced features such as Lumen Global Illumination, Nanite Virtualized Geometry, and Niagara Particle Effects, deliver stunning, lifelike visuals. NVIDIA, a leader in AI technology, ensures realistic and authentic interactions in the virtual arena. Streamed over the WebSocket protocol to enable a truly interactive event, attendees are active participants, engaging in real-time Q&A sessions, live polls, and emoji reactions. And to ensure everything runs smoothly and securely, AWS hosts the platform.

Key features of Jugo spaces include:

  • Scalability:  Adapts seamlessly to any audience size, from client meetings to town halls, ensuring interactions remain focused and effective. 
  • Branded communications: Prioritizes brand identity, enabling consistency across all interactions.
  • Human connection: Designed to replicate real-world interactions, creating a genuine sense of presence.
  • Immersive experience: Offers an engaging and deep user experience for all participants. 

 “Business communicators are always looking for ways to boost engagement with audiences online,” said Steve Vonder Haar, senior analyst tracking the “Intelligent Video” market segment for IntelliVid Research. “Jugo’s approach of blending presentation content with video feedback from audience members offers a platform that fosters more natural and authentic interaction between participants in one-to-many digital events.”

“Jugo spaces is unique because it makes you feel like you’re in a real place with other people, encouraging true dialogue that enriches understanding, said Dr. Kimberly Greene, University of Massachusetts Global’s School of Education “This immersive space helps everyone learn and work better.”

ABOUT Jugo spaces:  

Jugo spaces is a cloud-based immersive communication platform, designed to make digital interactions as personal and real as face-to-face conversations for both businesses and individuals. With iconic design and unmistakable presence, we put human experience at the forefront, offering a seamless, one-click platform that scales from intimate conversations to global events. With a commitment to innovation and simplicity, we strive to make every digital touchpoint an opportunity to elevate your brand, for genuine human connection. 


Jessica Shein
Bospar for Jugo

Neeha Curtis
Chief Communications Officer
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