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Jugo and BIT Foundation Reshaping Online Engagement for Black Technologists

Neeha Curtis Chief Communications Officer
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Published: Oct 2023

Jugo’s immersive and innovative, "studio-in-the-cloud” propels BIT into a new era of global interaction

October 4th, 2023, New York –  Jugo, a premier cloud-based executive meetings platform built exclusively for the future of business, announced its partnership with the Blacks in Technology (BIT) Foundation, a  global organization that creates community, equity, and exciting opportunities for Black technologists while breaking down ongoing barriers and stereotypes.

The collaboration with Jugo ushers in a new era of global connectivity for the BIT Foundation, whose members span the globe, from Alabama to Auckland. Running entirely via a web browser, Jugo’s virtual meetings platform humanizes shared online experiences, creating an immersive and interactive “studio-in-the-cloud” that brings people together in one location. Harnessing the power of Jugo’s cutting-edge platform, BIT provides its members with a united virtual meetings experience that is transforming how they connect, interact and collaborate.

Jugo’s platform equips BIT’s members to seamlessly swap roles during online meetings, switching between different functions—such as host, presenter, or audience member—ensuring that every participant’s perspective is heard and valued. Every voice within the BIT Foundation community now has the opportunity to drive impactful change through immersive, scalable, and secure engagements.

“Partnering with Jugo allows us to stomp the divide between our international chapters, offering a unified experience that resonates with our values,” said Greg Greenlee, chairman and founder of the BIT Foundation. “Our global community is experiencing a richer, more inclusive virtual experience.”

Added Dennis Schultz, executive director of BIT, “Jugo’s platform has transformed how we connect at BIT. The inclusivity and ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of our professionals is unmatched.”

The partnership furthers Jugo’s core values of inclusivity, flexibility, and digital equality, and symbolizes the shared vision for empowering individuals, regardless of location. It also enables Jugo to demonstrate its ability to break the boundaries of virtual communication and highlight its commitment to meetings that matter, redefining influence through secure, meaningful engagement.

“This collaboration with the BIT Foundation exemplifies Jugo’s commitment to making every connection count,” said Joseph Toma, CEO of Jugo. “Our platform’s inclusivity and flexibility aren’t just features—they are strategic advantages that transform virtual interaction.”

About BIT
The Blacks In Technology Foundation is the 501(c)(3) non-profit for Blacks In Technology (BIT), the largest community of Black people in the tech industry. Our goal and mission are to “stomp the divide” between Black tech workers and to fundamentally influence and effect change in an industry that has historically not sought parity concerning Black workers. We intend to level the playing field through training, education, networking, and mentorship with the support of allies, partners, sponsors, and, most importantly, our global members. Launched as a blog, BIT has grown into a worldwide organization that creates community, equity, and opportunity for Black technologists while breaking down barriers and stereotypes that persist in IT.

About Jugo
Jugo is the go-to executive meetings platform for leaders who want efficient and intuitive online communication, transforming your experience with just one click into a scalable, personalized online meeting environments for authentic, human interactions without the need for virtual reality equipment or downloads. Powered by AWS, Unreal Engine, and NVIDIA, Jugo sets the gold standard for a seamless, secure, and easily accessible executive meetings environment. Established in 2022, Jugo is headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom, with offices in North America and Europe. For more information, visit

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