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Press Release: Jugo Launches in AWS Marketplace

An Immersive Virtual Meetings Platform Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Published: Sep 2023

Now available in AWS Marketplace, Jugo is redefining the virtual connection landscape. Jugo’s innovative platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to offer a fully immersive ‘studio in the cloud’ experience for virtual meetings. Simple and accessible, any participant can step into the spotlight with just a laptop and web browser. Harnessing Unreal Engine’s 3D technology and NVIDIA Visual AI users can effortlessly create stunning, customizable environments, setting a new standard for engagement and interaction.

Built on AWS and on the AWS Chime SDK, Jugo leverages the same communication infrastructure and services that power Amazon Chime to offer a scalable meeting platform that provides unrivaled accessibility, security, privacy, and stability across the globe. It ensures high-quality audio and video feeds while minimizing latency and bandwidth usage in full-3D environments for next-level meeting and event experiences. Whether it’s small meetings or stadium-sized events, Jugo scales effortlessly on AWS, proving its adaptability and efficiency to deliver TV-studio quality for virtual meetings and events, making it accessible and cost-efficient without complexity.

Jugo seamlessly integrates advanced capabilities such as live-streaming a games engine to low-spec end-user devices, ensuring real-time interactivity and achieving low latency at scale. This innovative approach demonstrates a cutting-edge and positive shift in digital engagement.
Jugo’s unique blend of advanced tech capabilities, scalability, and meaningful use-cases provides businesses more than just a technological solution; it offers an immersive experience that brings people closer.

“We are excited to bring Jugo’s immersive experiences to AWS Marketplace,” said Joseph Toma, Chief Executive Officer, Jugo. “Our partnership with AWS enables us to expand our reach and deliver a new dimension of connection and engagement, redefining the way people interact in the digital world.”

This launch solidifies the partnership between two innovative companies, illustrated by Jugo’s dedication to providing immersive, secure, and highly scalable solutions that backed by the power of AWS technology. This unique approach offers extraordinary immersive virtual meetings that connect, engage, and inspire. With its scalable, secure, and seamless solutions, Jugo is now available to AWS enterprise customers.

About Jugo: Jugo is an immersive virtual meetings platform reimagining how people connect in the digital world. Harnessing the power of the Unreal Engine and the latest in mixed reality technologies to create stunning immersive spaces, Jugo brings accessibility to virtual experiences, making them more impactful and meaningful, all without the need for any VR headsets. Jugo’s pioneering mixed reality technology places real people in virtual environments, creating a new standard for human connection. Established in 2022, Jugo is headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom, with offices in North America and Europe. For more information, visit Jugo

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