Jugo x Arsenal FC

Jugo’s immersive events technology to offer Arsenal supporters new engagement experiences.

About the Partnership

Jugo is proud to be the official digital events and video conferencing partner of Arsenal FC.

Jugo and Arsenal are improving the way the club engages with their 600 million global fanbase. The partnership offers brand-new virtual experiences to boost engagement for global supporters. Jugo brings the power of real, human interaction into Arsenal events, creating realistic virtual connections between supporters and the club.

Football and Digital Fan Engagement – Arsenal Case Study

Football is the ultimate human experience. It brings us together. It is human at its core – transcending borders, and language.

Supporters today don’t just want to watch a game on TV, they live and breathe it. It isn’t just about matchday anymore, it’s about the ability to immerse themselves fully into the club community 24/7. Jugo gives supporters an unprecedented level of access, bringing them closer to their favorite players and the Arsenal football community.

Using Jugo, sports clubs like Arsenal, can bring their global supporters home.

Arsenal Series

In today’s digital world, sports teams must innovate to engage their global fan base. This is where Jugo comes in.
We provide a unique virtual events platform for immersive fan experiences, that has not been done before.
Join us as we dive into our Arsenal F.C. partnership where we show you how Jugo can:

  • Create humanized virtual supporter experiences.
  • Drive new revenue streams for your business.
  • Connect your global teams and players.

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