Bringing You Closer.

When people feel purposeful and connected, anything is possible.

We put the power of real human engagement at the heart of every virtual connection.

Beautifully immersive 3D environments

Enhance your audience experience with Unreal Engine environments designed to elevate and engage with every interaction.

Set up in minutes

Our easy-to-use interface puts you in control of the entire building process. From speaker to stage – create events in minutes, not days.

Multi-way engagement

Ensure your message is not just heard. It's received. Use Q&A, polls and emojis to gauge your audience. Use direct and open chat functions to communicate effectively with speakers, audience, and director alike.

Cutting-edge technology

Leverage the power of the Chime and Unreal Engine’s most innovative technology. Without the need for third-party plugins.

Real-time Insights

Harness audience sentiment, engagement, feedback, and a host of analytics to inform and shape your experience, even while it’s still live.

Registration & Participant Management

Create landing pages, speaker profiles and dedicated joining links to ensure your events remain on time, on message and in demand.

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Meet the team

Marrying three decades of experience in B2B events via our parent company, GDS Group, Jugo’s leadership team are dedicated to helping you deliver the most immersive virtual event experience. Why? Because experience matters.

Amy Kim

President & CEO


Passionate about all things transformation, Amy has over 20 years’ success in shaping, building and delivering next generation solutions that put customers at the heart of the experience.

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Dan Whiteley



With an exceptional background delivering complex technology platforms and products, Dan’s experience on the cutting edge of innovation ensures agility, quality and simplicity reign supreme.

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Nick Millard



From pricing to product, Nick’s ability to translate solutions at speed extends far beyond the numbers. As a financial leader in the virtual events space, his expertise ensures partnerships that deliver, for customers and suppliers alike.

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Harlan Davis

Chief Product Officer


A skilled navigator from inception to implementation, Harlan’s digital product experience has seen him unveil truly disruptive B2B event platforms to global audiences, helping shape the future of virtual engagements.

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Stephen Gee

Chief Customer Officer


As a career B2B event leader and champion of the customer experience, Steve has honed a reputation for elevating meaningful engagements and unveiling powerful outcomes for some of the Fortune 500’s most ground-breaking campaigns.

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Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

Today’s leading businesses know how critical staying engaged is – with their teams, their message and their purpose. With Jugo’s parent company, GDS Group, you’re surrounded by the best in class.

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Jugo's key product features

Harness the power of Jugo's experience platform and bring back the meetings that matter.


Create meetings & events in minutes

Jugo's powerful UI puts you in control of the entire process, from build to broadcast.


Customize your look and feel

Choose from a gallery of staging options and personalize with your own branding.


Build with security baked-in

Manage privacy levels, roles, registration and speaker invitations with secure admin controls.


Access real-time data

Get insights on attendance, engagement levels, audience sentiment and more.


A Simple UX

A quick and intuitive, browser-based experience powered by the world’s leading technology.


Scale as required

From team briefings to town halls, Jugo's custom templates make it simple to scale with the size of your audience.

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