Our Mission and Values

At Jugo, our mission is to bring life to online meetings, enabling authentic connections and limitless engagement in a secure environment. We believe that meetings should be more than obligations; they should be opportunities for innovation and collaboration.


Human interaction and authenticity is at the heart of Jugo; it’s who we are and what we’re all about.


We bring freedom and choice to what people do and how they make an impact, in Jugo and beyond.


We strive to make the complex, simple, by making every human connection frictionless and straightforward.


Dream it, then bring it to life. We empower Jugonauts to bring innovative ideas to the table.


Everyone at Jugo has a purpose, professionally and personally, and the freedom to pursue it.


Everyone is a leader, who should be unafraid of challenging themselves and the status quo in pursuit of connecting people and purpose.

Our Story

Developed on 30 years of B2B events experience, Jugo started life in 2022 as a incubator of GDS Group. Our leader, Spencer Green, founded GDS Group with just £30,000 and a telephone. From those humble beginnings, his passion and future-focused vision have guided us in creating something extraordinary. Jugo's inception was driven by a desire to humanize technology and revolutionize how people work, learn, and interact. No small task, but we're up for it.


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