One Platform for Moments That Matter

Through our pioneering partnership with AWS, NVIDIA, and Unreal Engine, we're not just making improvements to video conferencing – we're redefining online meetings and video calls.

Purposeful immersion

Bring real people into your digital meeting environment from anywhere in the world to experience stunning, lifelike visuals powered by Unreal Engine. Next-gen AI green screens empower anyone to step into center stage. Jugo's virtual meeting platform makes the digital world look, sound, and feel astonishingly real.

Simplicity is key

Leave the goggles on the slopes. No bulky headsets, no green screens, no specialized equipment, no additional downloads required, the process is seamless; Jump right in via a browser or our app from any device and start collaborating.

One to one, one to many. Unlimited scale.

With Jugo, you are part of the conversation;  You have the ability to switch roles with a simple click -  from meeting host, to speaker, or viewer. 

Your story,  your stage, your way.

You can meet your heroes, executives, customers, partners, team members, and reconnect with purpose. With Jugo, you're not just part of the show - you ARE the show.

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