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Jugo and GDS Group Join Forces to Elevate Virtual Event Experiences

Jugo’s immersive technology shall be used by GDS Group’s Roundtable events to bring human engagement to the heart of every virtual connection.
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Published: Mar 2023

London, UK, 2nd March 2023: Jugo, the global leader in immersive virtual events, has today announced a new partnership with GDS Group’s Roundtables (more widely known as Meet The Boss) to elevate virtual events. GDS Group is trusted to deliver outstanding experiences by the world’s most loved technology companies, including IBM, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services. 

GDS Group will use Jugo’s immersive technology to create and provide highly immersive virtual roundtable experiences for senior executives looking to share their expertise, gather new insights or network with prospective partners more deeply. Jugo’s self-serve events platform will enable GDS Group to deliver elevated virtual experiences, making every digital connection feel more real than ever before. 

Joseph Toma, CEO, Jugo, says: “I am delighted to announce our partnership with GDS Group, a true market leader in connecting executive leadership with world class subject matter experts. Together, we’ll bring real human interaction into the digital world, making every virtual connection feel more authentic than ever before. Working with Charles and his team has been exciting, dynamic, and now we look forward to supporting our partners around the world.” 

Charles Oakley, CEO, GDS Group, adds: “When the pandemic fundamentally overhauled the way we work, the way businesses communicate, GDS Group helped many clients drive pipeline through digital engagement platforms.  

“Fast forward to 2023 and digital communication has become commonplace for businesses. We’ve continued to help our customers outpace the speed of change. Partnering with Jugo to deliver an enhanced customer experience marks the next step forward for GDS Group, as well as everyone we work with today and the future.”

About Jugo 

Jugo is the global leader in immersive virtual events. Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Bristol, England, with U.S. offices in New York City, Jugo is an experiential platform for reimagining how people connect, collaborate, and create in the digital world. Jugo enables the future of virtual work and hybrid events, providing the only platform that achieves true two-way engagement by placing people physically in a virtual world, without the need for virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) headsets. End users receive a rich and immersive virtual experience, while meeting organizers enjoy greater audience engagement and message retention. For more information, follow Jugo on Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. 

About GDS Group 

GDS Group is a global event, research and technology services company dedicated to helping clients meet the challenges posed by a fast-moving, digital, transformative business environment. GDS Group’s B2B Summits, Roundtables and Showcase products bring purchaser and provider communities together to find solutions to real-world business challenges. Its technology services provide connectivity solutions that enable organizations to take advantage of the digital revolution. 

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