Frequently asked FAQs

Does Jugo require any software to be downloaded or installed?
Can I access Jugo on my mobile phone?
Do attendees need a Jugo account?
Does Jugo offer Single-Sign-On?
Can people join my Jugo event or meeting if they don’t have a company email?
Do people have to be invited to a Jugo event ahead of time, or can they join on the spot?
Are there different views in Jugo depending upon your role in a meeting or event?
What resolution do people experience Jugo meetings and events?
Do I need a professional camera, microphone or greenscreen to present in the Jugo?
How many attendees can join a Jugo event?
How many presenters can join and present?
How are Jugo meetings and events controlled?
Is it possible to present PowerPoint presentations in Jugo?
Is it possible to use different video sources into Jugo like second cameras or second screens?
Is special hardware or software required to produce a Jugo meeting or event?
What quality is the recording of a Jugo event?
Does Jugo have custom branded meeting and event spaces?
Is there a time limit for a Jugo meeting or event?
How many live meetings or events can I have at the same time?
When does Jugo undergo maintenance and upgrades?
What are the network requirements for Jugo?
Will Jugo work on my company’s VPN?

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