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Why Employee Experience is Key

Discover what it takes to create a thriving employee experience and how it can benefit your organization.
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Published: Oct 2022

As we move into 2023, employee experience will continue to be a top priority for CEOs and organizations alike. After all, happy and engaged employees are the foundation to a company’s success.

That’s why it’s so important to get employee experience right. From the very first day on the job (i.e., onboarding), to continued learning and development opportunities, to creating a workplace culture that employees enjoy being a part of – it all matters.

Organizations that prioritize employee experience will be in a much better position to thrive in an evolving and competitive landscape. Those that don’t may very well find themselves struggling to survive.

Speaking at a recent GDS Group Retail Summit, Stephen Gee, Chief Customer Officer at Jugo, says the McKinsey report, which revealed 83% of retailers are struggling with recruitment, should be a wakeup call for leaders who have not been prioritizing employee experience.

“This dangerous mix of high turnover low attraction and lack of skills means it can’t just be a customer-first approach it has to be about employees and it has to be their customers and in our experience, lots of those organizations that embrace that type of work in the technology and tools that came with it have performed pretty well.”
– Stephen Gee, Chief Customer Officer, Jugo

Gee’s employee-centric philosophy starts with the customer and works its way backward, a total reversal of the traditional top-down management style. By adopting this more horizontal leadership, organizations put people at the center of everything they do, which in turn strengthens the company’s connection to its customers.

The organizations that invest most heavily in Employee experience are found:

  • 5x as often in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work
  • 4x as often in LinkedIn’s list of North America’s Most In-Demand Employers
  • 1x as often on the Forbes list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies
  • 2x as often in the American Customer Satisfaction Index

Connection, collaboration, and engagement are the three essential components of employee experience, and the key to unlocking employee potential.

When employees feel connected to their work, they’re more likely to be engaged and motivated. And when they feel like they’re part of a team that’s working towards a common goal, they’re more likely to be productive and successful.

Gee says building meaningful connections and relationships in the workplace is important to the retention and the development of your staff along with prioritizing a journey of learning and development to give people a reason to stay and feel they’re valued.

The right employee experience tools will help organizations to:

  • Streamline communication and collaboration
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Boost productivity
  • Enhance employee retention rate

Closing the tech gap is a big part of the employee experience. Businesses must provide the tools and technology to enable seamless communication and build team culture in a world where the workforce is increasingly asynchronous and global.  In fact, retailers who have invested in technology, including learning and development programs, have seen a boost in profits, and productivity.

The Jugo platform is the first to leverage cutting-edge 3D gaming technology for a complete meetings and events ecosystem.  Jugo is singularly focused on creating a more engaging, and immersive virtual world for the future of work. A place where people can communicate and collaborate in an interactive environment while building human connections and accessing valuable metrics.

Shape employee experience with Jugo’s live data analytics:

  • Audience sentiment
  • Engagement
  • Feedback and data-rich analytics in real-time
  • Discussion review
  • Engagement analysis
  • Questions and Poll Insights

“We are leading the industry with the exciting work that we’re doing– steps towards the metaverse space and leveraging the Unreal Engine. This human interaction that we’re building in a virtual sense is already powering the growth of organizations like IBM, MasterCard, and Allianz.”
– Stephen Gee, Chief Customer Officer, Jugo

Jugo can help close the gap between employers and employees. Businesses with engaged workers have 23% higher profits compared with those with less engaged or unhappy workers.  Gee says when businesses have happy workers it means thriving workers, lower absenteeism, lower turnover, lower accidents, and higher customer loyalty in return.

In other words, happy employees lead to happy customers, which leads to a successful business. It’s really that simple.

Do you want to step out of the virtual meeting boxes and make your meetings feel in-person? Boost engagement, and productivity, and feel like a team again. Demo Jugo today.

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