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The Future of Virtual Events 2023

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Published: Jul 2023

The Future of Virtual Events 2023 Report

Step into the future of media, and entertainment with our new report – “The Future of Virtual Events 2023”. Our in-depth survey reveals a surprising statistic: 70% prefer virtual concerts to traditional live performances.

In our report, we examine the reasons behind this shift and take a closer look at the conditions that are tilting the scales towards virtual over physical events. We highlight the latest tech trends, such as VR, AR, and AI, driving this industry and their role in creating immersive fan experiences.

Our study also offers a glimpse into the future, envisioning a time when virtual events may be even more personalized and interactive. From virtual celebrity meet-and-greets to the evolving landscape of virtual sports, and fan engagement reflecting a generational shift in consumer preferences towards experiences over tangible products. This report is your guide to understanding and navigating this rapidly growing industry and unlocking the experience economy.

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