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2023 CIO Priorities: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

As technology rapidly evolves, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. Here are the top strategies for CIOs on how to do just that.
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Published: Jan 2023

For Chief Information Officers (CIOs) one of the most difficult challenges is knowing which technologies to prioritize and invest in. As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, it can often feel daunting for marketers and business leaders to keep up and stay ahead of the curve.

In 2023, there’s an even greater emphasis on maximizing efficiency and success with IT initiatives. Here are some of the key areas CIOs should be paying attention to this year – from leveraging cloud-based solutions for higher levels of communication to streamlining data resources for improved analytics.

Let’s dive in and find out how you can make your IT efforts truly successful this year.

Gartner research shows CIOs will focus on optimization and operational excellence this year. As many CIOs have learned in the last 3 years digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all process. But integrating technology into your operations to improve business efficiency is essential for organizations looking to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive in today’s digital economy.  The Wall Street Journal reports ahead of uncertain economic times in 2023 many corporate tech leaders are implementing digital tools to figure out what’s working, and what’s not, and optimize sales and efficiency.

What tech is top of mind for CIOs this year

  • Cloud computing
  • Data analytics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning and automation
  • Immersive collaboration tools

In a report conducted by Google, it was found that more than seven in ten young businesses (71%) said that cloud productivity has aided in their business success by giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere with any device with efficiency.

Emerging immersive collaboration and connectivity tech is a big focus for forward-thinking CIOs as the role has changed from simply IT to leading digital transformation and cultural change.

Jugo’s cutting-edge technology puts humans into a 3D environment with real-time, multi-way audio video to help organizations boost engagement, connectivity, and collaboration. Jugo’s in-person streaming experience is accessed over the web allowing anyone, from anywhere to come together in an immersive environment.  For CIO’s accessibility, especially when it comes to hybrid and remote work has been a main priority.

Exploring and implementing these new technologies opens the opportunity for businesses to transform digitally, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

How to Maintain and Update Existing Systems and Tools

Updates can prevent security issues, and improve compatibility, and program features. Software updates are necessary to keep computers, mobile devices, and tablets running smoothly — and they may lower security vulnerabilities. Data breaches, hacks, cyber-attacks, and identity theft have all been in the news.

  • Understand your attack surface
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize their most important business outcomes
  • Monitor upcoming updates to the software
  • Install security patches promptly

It is important to stay on top of and maintain updates as they become available, especially when it comes to security patch releases. Installing patches promptly will help protect your system from malicious attacks and exploits. Additionally, installing the latest version of an operating system or application can provide improved performance and new features that may not be available in older versions. Regularly running scans with antivirus programs can also help detect any malicious activity on your system to keep it safe from harm so that your system remains safe from potential threats while still taking advantage of all its features.

Cybersecurity and information security will see big investments this year according to the 2023 Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey. 66% of CIO respondents ranked cyber security as a top area for investment in their search for next-generation solutions.

Jugo operates an integrated Security, Risk, and Compliance Management function as a core part of the technology function, which aligns itself with the needs of the company and our customers. The Jugo platform is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) making it resilient and secure. Unlike software applications that require IT departments to install security patches on individual devices, leading to increased security risks to whole systems– The Jugo platform is cloud secure. We are continuously monitoring our networks and platform security using intelligent threat detection.

In 2022 Gartner found that 88% of boards now view security as a business risk, rather than a technical one. Meaning that organizations need to begin treating resilient and sustainable cyber security as a business risk that needs new types of investment. As realistically, protecting your execution supports sustainable growth and as a result, will propel your venture.

How to manage and monitor employee usage of technology

Employers have a responsibility to protect the company’s assets and information, while still respecting their employees’ rights. When managing and monitoring employee usage of technology in the workplace, it’s important to have a clear policy in place that outlines expectations, rules, and consequences. This should include guidelines for the responsible use of technology and provide information on what activities are monitored.

For companies that allow remote working, employers must consider implementing additional security features such as multi-factor authentication to ensure secure access. Technology also enables managers to track team members’ progress, including punctuality and attendance. Whilst also setting clear guidelines to ensure compliance with both privacy laws and internal procedures, encouraging productivity and collaboration among workers without infringing on their freedom or privacy rights.

Work It Daily CEO, J.T O’Donnell spoke at a Jugo event and says employers are focusing more on data to measure performance, productivity, and engagement. O’Donnell, an HR industry expert, says the future of work will depend a lot on the right technology, and good data that provides context to employee success, and development.

Jugo goes beyond the numbers to give you context, and a full picture through live data analytics, and a post-event report on events and meetings.

  • Audience sentiment analysis
  • Engagement snapshot dashboard
  • Feedback and data-rich analytics in real-time
  • Discussion review
  • Chat transcript and topic analysis

How CIOs can boost employee experience

New systems and software are essential; It’s also essential to make sure employees are trained, comfortable, and skilled in processes, technology, software, and systems.

Having the right systems and software in place can also make it easier for employers to track progress, provide feedback on performance, set goals, and assess results. These new technologies allow organizations to quickly adapt their operations to changing conditions if necessary. As a result, having access to appropriate systems and software is key for employers to properly train their staff so that they can be effective, productive, and engaged.

  • Implement regular training for new employees
  • Audit existing technology
  • Streamline collaboration tools

All in all, the digital landscape is awash with opportunities, and this is the key to success in any industry. There’s no doubt that prioritizing the value of investing in IT investments can be essential for long-term growth and a strong competitive advantage in 2023 – but how you carry out these investments will decide how profitable they can be. Why not explore the landscape and see what opportunities you find?

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