Choose your digital
virtual meeting & event experience

Jugo's pre-set environments match the right audience size with the best engagement dynamics, delivering virtual meetings & events that resonate.


  • Up to 5 people
  • Immediate setup
  • Intimate engagement
  • Daily use

How it works

Designed to elevate the daily one-to-few video call, conversations carry a new standard of connection: one where experience trumps process and content leads the discussion.


  • Up to 12 people
  • Quick setup
  • Presenting & Collaboration
  • Weekly/Monthly use

How it works

Built for seamless collaboration in small working groups, note-taking and a suite of engagement tools support a seamless collaboration space to present perspectives and agree actions.

Meetings & Training

  • 10-20 people (with or without host)
  • Configured setup
  • Audience experience
  • Monthly use

How it works

Designed for truly immersive audience engagement, Jugo's department and training configuration offers virtual engagements that connect, align and inspire teams, colleagues and new starters.
Jugo Virtual Experience Event

Town Halls &
Company Wide

  • 21-10,000+ people (inc. host)
  • Advanced setup
  • Mass audience experience
  • Quarterly use

How it works

Built for the biggest of messages to even bigger audiences, Jugo's theatre environment combines eye-catching aesthetics with amplified audience engagement to deliver an experience that ripples out into real-world actions.