Internal Communications

Engaging Internal Communications

Internal communications across a hybrid workforce is a challenge. Jugo delivers a transformational experience for presenters and attendees – finally an internal meeting platform with an “in the room” feel.


Bring remote employees closer. Host sessions in a full-3D environment, and place attention on center-stage.


Create interaction. Hosts can sit or stand and can spontaneously invite audience members to join them on stage.


Make your hybrid workforce feel connected to the executive team and the corporate message.

Immersive Virtual Town Halls

Company all-hands meetings and town halls need to be impactful. What if this impact could also be shared with your remote and hybrid employees?

Your Virtual Superpower

Put on a show. Bring TV-studio quality to your live internal meetings, without the complexity or production cost.

Swap roles

Switch roles with just a click. From audience to member to host to speaker, move seamlessly between roles. This is the power of unlimited 2-way communication.

Standing host

Command the room. Hosts can sit or stand up. Bring anyone from the audience to join you on stage to share the spotlight.

Ease of use

Join from anywhere. A cloud internal meetings platform, browser-based, no extra tech needed. Join from your laptop or mobile device.

Immersive experience

Bring the atmosphere. Real-time 3D rendering ensures lifelike visuals for all attendees.

Brandable space

Your space, your way. Rebrand the environment to your look – design to inspire your audience.

Effortlessly scalable

Think big. Scale from in-depth interviews, to Q&A panels, to stadium-size internal events – all in one platform.

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