Teamwork with Jugo Makes the Dream Work Better

We used to think about work in terms of cubicles and coffee breaks. But the way we work is changing, thanks to technology. Now, we can work with people from anywhere in the world. So, what does that mean for the future of work?

Flexible and Seamless Virtual Collaboration

Whether you’re at your desk, in a meeting, or on the go, you need to be able to collaborate with your team seamlessly. Yet too often, work is siloed in different tools and applications that don’t talk to each other.  Businesses need to stay ahead of the curve and adopt new technologies that make working together, talking to each other, and sharing ideas easy—wherever we are.

Making the Human Connection in a Digital World

 One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the way teams collaborate with video conferencing. There’s no question with so many employees now working remotely, virtual meetings have become essential. And, to make these meetings as effective as possible, businesses need to invest in easy-to-use, customized virtual meeting tools that can recreate in-person communication.  Making the human connection is crucial to keep employees engaged, productive, and aligned for remote and hybrid work.

Future of Work Isn’t One-Size Fits All

There are several video conferencing tools on the market, but as remote and hybrid work models are becoming the standard— businesses want flexibility to customize for specific environments whether that’s making a one-to-one video call or hosting a 200+ event.

Control your experience with Jugo’s purpose-built set designs. From audience volumes to specific engagement requirements, Jugo’s sets are designed to elevate the experience by driving best practice dynamics through each environment.

One-to-few Meetings

  • Up to 5 people
  • Immediate setup
  • Intimate engagement
  • Daily use

How it works: Designed to elevate the daily one-to-few video call, conversations carry a new standard of connection: one where experience trumps process and content leads the discussion.

Boardroom Meetings

  • Up to 12 people
  • Quick setup
  • Presenting & Collaboration
  • Weekly/Monthly use

How it works: Built to elevate seamless collaboration in small working groups, note-taking and a suite of engagement tools support a seamless collaboration space to present perspectives and agree actions.

Department Meetings & Training

  • 10-30+ people (with or without host)
  • Configured setup
  • Audience experience
  • Monthly use

How it works: Designed for truly immersive audience engagement, the many-to-many experience offers an infinite combination of high-production experiences to land key messages and place audiences in the heart of the conversation.

Town Halls & Company Wide

  • 20-200 people + hosts
  • Advanced setup
  • Mass audience experience
  • Quarterly use

How it works: Supports natural human engagement in a dynamic immersive environment. Elevates virtual events to replicate an in-person experience boosting audience engagement with interactive technology.  Built for the biggest of messages to even bigger audiences, Jugo’s largest environment unveils the power of audience interaction with live speakers and hosts in real-time – harnessing palpable energy from stage to screen.

Do you want to step out of the virtual meeting boxes and make your meetings feel in-person? Boost engagement, productivity, and feel like a team again. Demo Jugo today.

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