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Engagement Essentials for Your Next Virtual Meeting

Learn how to leverage the power of employee engagement and make your next virtual meeting matter.
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Published: Jul 2022

We have all comfortably settled into a digital first world. Virtual meetings. Remote work. You know the drill. However, organizations are still trying to figure out how to create meaningful connection and boost engagement in virtual meetings and events. Audience engagement is important especially when the environment is online; people can easily get distracted and easier to disengage. Building better engagement is critical to making your meetings matter. Here are a few engagement essentials to help you connect to your audience:

Create an agenda and send it out in advance

This will give people a chance to prepare for the meeting and know what to expect. People are more likely to be engaged and focused when they when they know what topics will be discussed. It will also help people decide if they need to prepare anything and keeps the meeting on track.

It gives everyone a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished. Of course, agendas can be flexible, and you may need to add or remove items as the meeting date approaches. But having an agenda is still a valuable way to ensure that your meeting is productive and efficient.

Help your audience prepare and accomplish more in your meetings with Jugo:

  • Create customized landing pages for the meeting
  • Agendas to ensure your meeting stays on message
  • Speaker profiles to provide insight and background

Start on time and end on time

 People have busy schedules, and you don’t want to waste their time. Starting and ending as promised will show that you respect them, and their time.

When you start on time, it sets the tone for the entire meeting. When you end on time, it shows that you’re able to keep the meeting focused and on track. Ending on time also allows people to have a few minutes to wrap up their thoughts before they have to leave. Sticking to the schedule is a simple way to show that you’re organized and in control of the meeting.

Create a schedule on your Jugo landing page:

  • Keep your event running on track
  • Schedule time for breaks if the meeting is over an hour
  • Build-in time for Q and A’s
  • Give keynote and panelists allotted speaking time.

Keep the meeting focused.

This will keep people engaged and on track. It’s important to know who is speaking, who has the floor, and prevent unnecessary interruptions that could sidetrack the meeting.

Additionally, it’s important to avoid situations where people are talking over one another—this can be frustrating for everyone involved, and it will make it difficult to get anything accomplished.

Jugo’s stage environment automatically lets your audience know who is speaking and lets you control the experience.

  • Beautifully immersive 3D environments
  • Enhance audience experience with stage and panoramic audience view.
  • Recreate how people naturally engage with gaming technology
  • Bring speakers up on stage
  • Mute audience and unmute designated speakers.

Make it a conversation and not a monologue

Make sure everyone has a chance to participate. Be inclusive. Be purposeful. Ask questions, solicit input, and encourage discussion.

Keep the meeting interactive. Use video, audio, and chat features to make the meeting more engaging.

Harness audience sentiments in real time to land your message with Jugo

  • Live video audience Q&A
  • Surveys and polls
  • Live emojis
  • Direct and open chat – between speakers, audience, and directors alike

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your next virtual meeting is successful by bringing back the human connection and supporting how people naturally engage.


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