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Navigating Virtual Waters:
How Jugo Became My Secret Weapon in Building B2B Relationships

Discover how Jugo, the ultimate virtual meeting companion, revolutionizes B2B relationships.
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Published: Aug 2023

Like many B2B Sales Leaders, I understand there is a real struggle to build genuine human relationships in the virtual world. I’m Oliver Critchard, VP, New Business at Jugo, and this was a major challenge I was facing 18 months ago. I’ve realized the huge significance of overcoming these hurdles in the B2B space. Let me put it simply — it’s no longer just about the deal; it’s about creating meaningful connections that stand the test of time. But I learned how to not just meet expectations in the virtual world, but win. What’s the secret? It’s human connection in the virtual world and the flexibility to speak, listen, engage and amplify every voice whist also turning virtual meetings into value and opportunities. But first, you have to break out of the box – the virtual box that is.

The Virtual Puzzle

Picture this: you’re in a virtual meeting, everyone’s squared away on their screens, but something’s missing. Ah, those in-person nuances that made conversations come alive are now a distant memory. As a B2B sales leader, I’ve had my fair share of deciphering pixelated expressions and wondering if that nod was one of agreement or just a frozen screen. It’s like trying to read a mystery novel with half the pages missing – you know there’s more to the story, but it’s a bit elusive. Have you been there?

Engagement: The Holy Grail

The one common goal every leader strives to reach: engagement. We’ve all been there, trying to keep the energy alive in a virtual room where participants seem to have mastered the art of invisibility. It’s like hosting a party where everyone’s on mute, and the only sound is your voice echoing back at you. Sure, I’ve cracked a joke or two to break the ice, but virtual icebreakers can only take you so far…sometimes they can be a little uncomfortable.

Enter Jugo: The Game-Changer

Say hello to Jugo. Seamless. Easy. And Secure. Say goodbye to the “download this software” obstacle course. With Jugo, it’s as easy as sipping your morning coffee – hop into the meeting via your browser, and you’re good to go. That’s one less tech hurdle for us to jump and more time to focus on sealing the deal.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve seen Jugo turn virtual meetings into something truly magical. Imagine your meeting room transforming into a 3D wonderland, where conversations come to life in vivid detail. With Jugo’s Unreal Engine magic and AWS cloud hosting, it’s like your very own Hollywood studio right there in the cloud. Who needs two dimensions when you can have three? Suddenly, those once-static video calls feel like a real, immersive experience where relationships can thrive.

The Jugo Effect: From Zero to Thousands

Now, here’s the part that really got me excited – scalability. Jugo can go from hosting small gatherings, to being a powerhouse ready to handle thousands. Whether it’s an intimate pitch or a grand corporate affair, Jugo’s got the backstage pass to engagement, ensuring that your virtual stage is always buzzing with connection.

I know what you’re thinking. Is this secure? We all know that confidentiality is the name of the game, especially when discussing high-stake deals. Well, Jugo’s got our backs with encryption and data policies that could make even the most cautious of us nod in approval. In a world where data is gold, Jugo’s an unbreakable vault.

The Jugo Superpower Unveiled

Jugo isn’t just a platform; It gives you the power to steer the virtual ship. Switch roles, tailor content, and watch as your audience becomes an integral part of the performance. I’ve seen first-hand how Jugo can turn a passive virtual audience into an engaged, interactive community, sparking discussions that leave a lasting impact.

The ability to take a CEO and put them into the middle of the room, make them feel elevated, make them feel valued. That right there – that’s our superpower. Because being a part of that conversation, being present, being accountable and being there as your authentic self is always going to be an enabler when it comes to sales, because it enables you to build a relationship! If you want something that is going to elevate the human experience and enable you to build a relationship in a virtual space, there’s nothing better than Jugo.

Jugo’s My Ace in the Virtual Sleeve

The virtual landscape might be challenging, but with Jugo in your corner, you’ve got the ultimate power-up. Building genuine human relationships in virtual realms isn’t a roadblock; it’s an exciting journey ready to unfold. Jugo isn’t just a solution; it’s your secret weapon, your key to unlocking the doors of connection, engagement, and lasting relationships.

If you are tired of long, drawn-out decision-making processes that require endless travel and meetings, let me tell you more about Jugo and how it can bring efficiency, human connection, and cost savings right to your virtual doorstep. Imagine gathering all key stakeholders in one shared space, fostering meaningful conversations, and making everyone feel valued without leaving your office. That’s not a distant dream; it’s what we do every day at Jugo.

Reach out to me personally for a virtual meetings demo or a call, and let’s explore how Jugo can help you stand out from the competition.







Author: Oliver Critchard, VP New Business

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