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Create More Effective and Dynamic Meetings

Ever had that "this should have been an email" meeting feeling? We're here to give you the low down on why, and how best to turn that frown upside down.
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Published: Jun 2022

Before you hit send on your next meeting invite — pause for a second.

Think about this: meetings in remote and hybrid environments are in over-drive. According to research by Gartner remote employees are on average attending more meetings a day than when they were in the office.

It could have been an email-– the phrase has become common office banter in the real world and virtual world after an unproductive meeting.

For hybrid and remote work, it’s even more imperative that you make your meetings matter.

The University of North Carolina surveyed nearly 200 senior managers and found 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.  Employees are feeling disconnected and uninspired  and interestingly the UNC research found that meeting satisfaction correlated to job satisfaction.

Jugo is here to help you elevate your meetings with purpose-built set designs — automatically transforming what could be just a video call to a truly immersive, collaborative, and productive experience for everyone.

Location, Location, Location.

The ambience always matters. Your environment sets the tone from the moment someone enters a room. If it’s drab, dreary, and feels mundane– people will feel it. It’s human nature to internalize the atmosphere. It’s why you don’t hold your meetings in the broom closet.

Virtual meetings are a great way to transport people “out of the office” and into a space that’s collaborative, engaging, and exciting. You can do that with Jugo. No headsets required.

Jugo lets you customize your own purpose-built set with:

  • Beautifully immersive 3D environments
  • Enhance your audience experience with gaming technology
  • Make remote meetings feel like being in the same room again.

Customize and personalize

Humans like to feel special. We like to feel as though someone spent time planning and creating an event just for us. Whether you are in the audience or speaking the meeting has to feel important.

With Jugo you can custom-build meetings and events in minutes. Our easy-to-use interface puts you in control of the entire event-building process – from speaker to stage – helping you create branded, thoughtful, and highly polished meetings and events.

In Jugo you can create:

  • Customized landing pages to greet guests
  • Agendas to ensure meeting stays on message
  • Speaker profiles
  • Schedules to keep your event on time
  • Dedicated joining links without the need for third party plugins.

Jugo is a more productive and intuitive way to hold virtual meetings and events. It’s built for human connection.


One way communication is uninspiring and outdated for remote and hybrid work models. We dislike it when we are talked at in-person and in the virtual space it’s no different.

Instead of lecturing—approach your meeting and event as the perfect host.

You open the door, welcome everyone, direct the conversation, encourage participants to mingle and discuss, ask questions, introduce key guests, give them the spotlight, make your guests feel included, seen, and heard. Sound like an in-person meeting? It’s not. It’s Jugo. Jugo brings the human connection to virtual meetings for more engaged and productive interactions.

The Jugo platform lets you harness audience sentiments with:

  • Live video audience Q&A
  • Surveys and polls
  • Live emojis
  • Direct and open chat – between speakers, audience, and directors alike

More meetings won’t boost performance, or productivity. Making your meetings matter with purpose, collaboration, and engagement leaves your team feeling energized and productive.

Ensure your message is not only heard but engaged. Creating custom-built interactions in Jugo are endless.

How is it going and how did it go?

Reading the room is a human skill. It’s hard to replicate in a virtual world that’s why real-time insights and data can help you stay on track and ensure your message lands.

Jugo can give you live data analytics to inform and shape your event through:

  • Audience sentiment
  • Engagement
  • Feedback and data rich analytics in real-time
  • Discussion review

We know for virtual events post-event data and analytics is vital.  Mingling after the meeting to chat with someone, or read body language as people are leaving the meeting only works in-person—even then that information is subjective.

Was it a success?  Did your message get through? What were the big questions from the event?  Post event data through Jugo’s host of analytics can help you track, measure, learn, and empower your entire organization.

Make the human connection in every virtual meeting with Jugo. Unlock the human dimension.

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