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Enhancing Internal Meeting Engagement: The Immersive Tech Advantage.

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Published: Jun 2023

So, you’re a business leader in internal communications and you are swamped with projects that try to boost employee engagement.

We are already in the second half of 2023 with KPI’S to deliver by the end of the year. You’re under pressure and I hear you!

In this article, we are discussing how you can transform your internal communications strategy with immersive technology and how you can succeed in the fast-paced technology landscape.

As we navigate the challenges of modern workplace connectivity, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Recent research highlights that 60% of companies don’t have a long-term strategy for their internal communications.

So, let’s explore how immersive technology engages employees like never before, connecting them with purpose, and revitalizing internal communications strategies.

How do we connect employees with purpose?

Many organizations recognize that internal communications are very important but might not realize how disconnected their employees currently feel.

Within 2023, 50.9% of people find it difficult to pay attention during virtual meetings.

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, maintaining a strong connection between employees and their organizational purpose is vital. Enter immersive technology, the game-changer that is taking internal communications to new heights.

By integrating mixed reality experiences, immersive technology engages employees in ways never seen before.

Okay, so what is mixed reality you ask?

Mixed reality is a blend of physical and digital worlds, unlocking natural and intuitive 3D human, computer, and environmental interactions.

Picture this… your employees are transported to a virtual world where they can interact with their colleagues, explore new products, or even participate in virtual team-building exercises.

These experiences break down physical barriers, fostering collaboration and unity. With immersive technology, employee engagement soars, increasing productivity and a sense of shared purpose.

Employees are hungry for purpose. They want to feel like they are making an impact and are getting up in the morning for something that is worth it.

How can you revitalize internal communications?

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room…the challenges faced by internal communications professionals in 2023.

In a digital age saturated with information, capturing employees’ attention and effectively conveying messages is no easy feat. Traditional communication methods often fall short, failing to engage employees on a meaningful level.

Some traditional methods of internal communication include:

  • Email campaigns
  • Internal Surveys
  • Intranet
  • Internal Newsletters

Whilst these traditional methods are reliable, let’s be real – they are boring and not innovative enough to keep the minds of Generation Z and Generation Alpha engaged.

By 2025, 27% of the workforce will be made up of Generation Z and many businesses are catering to them as they will be the workforce of the future.

What next right? Internal communications leaders have so many challenges already but why not throw the challenge of keeping a whole new generation of people who have shorter attention spans engaged.

This is where immersive virtual events technology steps in, offering a fresh, dynamic and exciting approach.

By leveraging mixed reality tools, internal communications strategists can breathe new life into their strategies and cater to new audiences and demographics.

With immersive experiences, employees become active participants, rather than passive recipients of information. This interactive element creates a lasting impact, enhancing message retention and driving employee enthusiasm.

How Immersive technology like Jugo can re-vamp your internal comms strategy.

As a pioneer in immersive virtual events, Jugo provides a comprehensive solution for internal communications in the digital era.

This platform harnesses the power of immersive technology to create engaging and memorable experiences for employees.

But how does Jugo do this?

Jugo is built upon 3 leading tech partners: Nvidia, AWS (Amazon Web Services) Chime, and Epic Games.

  1. Nvidia: Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) we can enhance human connection digitally by bringing employees center stage to the conversation.
  2. AWS Chime: Built with security and scale as required, AWS Chime ensures that Jugo is safe for users globally.
  3. Epic Games: Jugo is the only communications tool in the world to utilize gaming technology. Using gaming tech means that we can create 3D environments where people can share digital space in.

With Jugo, internal communications strategists can host virtual events that transport employees into captivating virtual environments.

Whether it’s a town hall meeting, training session, or product launch, Jugo’s immersive experiences captivate participants and foster genuine connections. By blending realistic simulations, interactive elements, and social features, Jugo creates a sense of togetherness, even when teams are physically dispersed.

Why embracing creativity means you will stay ahead of the curve:

When we think of the phrase “the curve” it can be imagined that we’re talking about a post-apocalyptic code word. But it’s not, we are talking about the ability for organizations to remain relevant, competitive and innovative in the industry that they’re operating in.

Okay so, ask yourself… how ahead of the curve is my business? Or… better yet, is my business even close to the curve?

Staying ahead of the curve means that you’ll be in a better position to capitalize on opportunities as they arise. For example, if you see a trend emerging you can be the first to enter that market. This can give you a significant competitive advantage.

To truly harness the potential of immersive technology in internal communications, forward-thinking strategists must embrace creativity.

In an ever-evolving landscape, being proactive and innovative is crucial. When you explore the possibilities offered by immersive technology, internal communications professionals can revolutionize their strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

By leveraging mixed reality, strategists can create experiences that capture attention, evoke emotions, and drive lasting engagement which will only boost growth and drive revenue.

Whether it’s gamified training modules, virtual town hall meetings, or immersive product demonstrations, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity!

And as Steve Jobs once said:

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”

As we wrap up this article, it’s clear that immersive technology holds immense potential for internal communications. In an ever-changing world, immersive tech can give you and your business the boost it needs.

By connecting employees with purpose, revitalizing communication strategies, and embracing platforms like Jugo, we can cultivate an engaged and connected workforce.

Remember, in the fast-paced world of internal communications, creativity and innovation are the keys to staying ahead of the curve. So, hop on the immersive technology bandwagon, and let your internal communications strategy soar to new heights!

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