Elevate Your Presentations with an Audience-Centric Design

Why considering your audience's reaction to your presentation is the true key to success in a virtual engagement world.

Presenting to company stakeholders is an important part of growing your business—whether you’re speaking to prospective clients, or to your employees. Dynamic and persuasive presentations are integral in business pitches, building credibility, and boosting motivation. In fact, 70% of American workers say presentation skills are key to success at work. While information plays a big part in a successful presentation, it’s how you present that can make or break your presentation. Taking an audience centered approach and keeping in mind how people naturally respond and interact is essential for virtual meetings and events.

Don’t Box Yourself In

Speaking at virtual events to an audience who isn’t physically there is hard. We know it’s impossible to read the room when you aren’t in a room. Those experiences can make you feel boxed in—especially when you and your audience are quite literally neatly stacked in boxes.

Jugo’s cutting-edge technology can put you back in the room with an audience.

  • Beautifully immersive 3D environments
  • Enhance your audience experience with gaming technology
  • Make remote meetings feel like being in the same room again
  • Recreate how people naturally engage
  • Stage environment with panoramic audience view

All eyes will be on you as a presenter. It’s essential that your environment complements the moment. Feel free to wear a ballgown or tuxedo – but if you’re hosting your event from your kitchen table or couch, make no mistake – it will take away from your message. Jugo’s immersive 3D technology lets you host your presentation in a customized and branded immersive virtual room or auditorium, where you control the experience.

Immersive Storytelling with Audience Interaction

We’ve come a long way from projector presentations where a captive audience is trapped in a room listening to someone reading slide after slide. That just doesn’t cut it today. A recent study revealed the average person has an 8 second attention span. That’s it. Eight seconds before they shut down. Never forget that a virtual audience isn’t captive. People can easily turn off the camera and disengage.

While storytelling is the best way to keep an audience engaged, in the virtual world audience engagement requires interaction. Humans love stories especially when the story can transport us to another place, give us a different perspective, and help us learn something new. It’s why we watch movies, read books, and listen to podcasts.

We also love choosing our own adventure. Choose your own adventure books were so successful in the 80’s and 90’s because it was the original interactive experience; built on the psychology of a shared experience to give the reader a stake in the story. Computer games came next following the same formula for successful role-playing adventures.

Jugo can help you turn your virtual presentations into an immersive and shared experience by combining proven storytelling tactics with interactive moments. Continuously reengage your audience and give them a stake in your story.

Harness audience sentiment with Jugo’s interactive technology

  • Live video audience Q&A
  • Surveys and polls
  • Live emojis
  • Direct and open chat – between speakers, audience, and directors alike

Lights, Camera, Action

Dynamic, live virtual events for large groups should be developed like an in-person show—with a producer or director. However, planning your event with exciting content, visuals, interactive elements, and delivering an engaging presentation is a lot to juggle.

Typically for in-person conferences or large meetings a director or producer manages the audience, multimedia, brings guests up to the stage, and effectively runs the event so the speaker can focus on presenting.

Jugo’s virtual events platform was built with this in mind. Giving your team full control to direct the event from start to finish.

Create and manage unrivalled presentations using Jugo’s director tools

  • Broadcast-like directing technology
  • Change room view and control camera shots
  • Monitor the audience engagement
  • Work in tandem to encourage interaction using real-time feedback
  • Bring speakers to the stage

Taking an audience centered approach to virtual presentations is the most effective way to land your message. Jugo can help you deliver a dynamic, interactive, and immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression keeping your audience and stakeholders always in focus.

Do you want to step out of the virtual meeting boxes and make your meetings feel in-person? Boost engagement, productivity, and feel like a team again. Demo Jugo today.

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