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Optimize Your Employee Onboarding Experience

Use virtual onboarding in Jugo to boost employee retention, improve productivity, and enhance your employer brand. Learn how you can level up the way you onboard employees for success.
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Published: Aug 2022

Employee turnover can be costly for businesses — you have to spend time and money to not only onboard new employees but also lose the knowledge and experience of those who have left.  Business leaders know that high employee turnover can hurt your business financially and also damage your company’s reputation if your workforce becomes unstable

In the last few years, there has been a shift in how we work, and who we work for. In June 2022 4.5 million American workers quit their job looking for better opportunities.  You’ll remember in 2021 a record 47.4 million Americans quit their jobs.  We are still in a job-seeker market and reducing employee turnover has become a priority for HR executives and business leaders across the globe.  Here’s where onboarding comes in—it’s the first and most important step to set your employees up for success and prepare them for their roles.

Onboarding influences the employee experience from the start.  Poor onboarding can leave your employees uncertain about their role within the company and increases the likelihood of leaving.  Hybrid and remote employees also face a unique set of challenges when it comes to onboarding. For one, they may not be able to physically attend orientation or onboarding events. Additionally, they may have limited access to company resources and communication tools.

A HR survey by Workable revealed in 2020 virtual onboarding was the biggest challenge for employers and it still is.  Jugo’s immersive technology creates an engaging, productive, and secure virtual onboarding experience with the click of a few buttons.

Engaging employees is critical. You can make employees feel like they’re still part of the team – wherever they are.  Jugo’s cutting-edge gaming technology and 3D environment provide an engaging virtual onboarding experience that is perfect for training and other collaborative activities.

The onboarding manager will also be front and center – leading the onboarding process as a host.  Employees can focus on you, your message, and content in a virtual room together. Engagement tools like live polls, emojis, chats, and a designated Q and A channel helps you tailor the onboarding experience in real time. Virtual onboarding can fall into the trap of losing the human element of connection if employees are just staring at a screen and hearing a voice but can’t focus on the person who is speaking – like we naturally do in person.

You can present onboarding goals, regulations, and policies to your employees in a virtual room—without having to share your screen and risk losing their attention.

By driving best practice dynamics through each environment, Jugo ensures that your team will be able to collaborate effectively, engage, and recreate that in-person feeling… virtually.

According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost to onboard a new employee is $4000 so it’s important to know if your message landed. Jugo’s analytics can help you understand if your onboarding process is working effectively by seeing real-time and post-event data of audience engagement.

While companies are struggling with employee retention, it’s imperative that effective onboarding becomes your first line of defense in keeping your talent engaged, satisfied, confident, and invested for the long run.

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