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Body Language and Nonverbal Communication in Remote and Hybrid Work

Find out how your virtual meetings and events can be used to engage employees, build connections, and communicate messages even when you are not speaking.
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Published: Nov 2022

Did you know that only 7% of communication is verbal? The other 93% is nonverbal (Mehrabian/Fast). That means that the way we sit, stand, and move our bodies speaks volumes to the people around us. In fact, body language is so important that it can be used to engage, build connections, and convey messages even when words are not spoken.

Everyone should be able to interact meaningfully together and have an equal opportunity to speak and be heard. However, current virtual environments are too limiting, and restrict how humans communicate.Jugo elevates visual cues such as body language and the ability to see everyone and everything at the same time, as if you are in a room together.

Communication between the audience and a speaker is more connected- the audience can read the speaker’s body language while the speaker can see everyone’s faces and their reactions at the same time. This creates an equitable virtual space where everyone can have the floor and be heard and more importantly seen, at the same time. All those nonverbal ques are visible in Jugo.

Audience members can be brought up to the stage to speak and interact, panelists are prominent, and the speaker remains central. A participant can view the speaker, the presentation and the audience live, and actual people, not avatars. Jugo’s streaming platform is built for easy interaction, collaboration, and communication. Connecting the audience to the speaker Jugo delivers an elevated experience for high performing teams—virtual meetings and events where everyone can be seen, heard, and included.

Humans use kinesics – the study of body movement – to communicate our feelings and emotions nonverbally. We gesture to emphasize a point. We talk with our hands when we are excited; we recognize and interpret motion and expressions. It’s human connection at its core.

We use body language and nonverbal communication to connect with the people around us daily. Whether we realize it or not, these forms of communication play a huge role in our interactions—sometimes our gestures, expressions and movement can be more important than the words that come out of our mouths.

To bring the human connection to our virtual interactions Jugo captures how we naturally communicate. When was the last time your virtual meeting looked like this?

Do you want to step out of the virtual meeting boxes and make your meetings feel in-person? Boost engagement, productivity, and feel like a team again. Demo Jugo today.

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