Harnessing the Power of a Hybrid Salesforce

Creating a sales and marketing strategy for the future requires breaking away from traditional tactics and rearchitecting teams to be engaged, motivated and flexible.

Samir Bagga, CMO L&T Technologies kicked off Jugo’s sales and marketing event as our keynote speaker discussing communication strategies to inspire, connect, and drive performance in a hybrid environment.  Mr. Bagga took the stage in the Jugo platform from his office in New Jersey while audience joined from around the world.   

Key takeaways from Samir:

  • Even if you have a physical event, you need to provide a hybrid model for people. The old-fashioned ways of delivering meaningful results stays true, but you need to morph using the new realities of hybrid models.
  • Customer centricity doesn’t mean buyer driven.  From the buyer experience point of view, it’s about being relevant, contextual, providing them right choice and simplicity. From a seller’s point of view, it’s about building, reciprocity, and respect with the customer. 
  • The buyer is a human, and at every stage you have to determine what level of engagement and progression you need to provide.
  • In customer centric selling what is required is shared values and voices, bringing curiosity in terms of the interaction, and helping them engage in an authentic way.
  • Providing a consistent experience across the buying journey is very critical.
  • I would say the fundamentals of marketing and strategy have not changed, but the tactics have. We continue to be traditionally focused on customers, influencers, investors, then employees and society at large. From a marketing point of view, it is about right now focusing on employee engagement. 

Using cutting edge technology in Unreal Engine, sales and marketing executives from around the globe were in the same room to engage in thoughtful discussions, terrific insights, and shared experiences. Throughout the session the audience was able to engage in various ways, through chat, Q&A, raise a virtual hand and come up on stage to speak directly to the keynote speaker and panelists.  Jugo was built to put human connection in virtual experiences for better engagement and truly feel like we are together.  

Key takeaways: Inspiring the hybrid salesforce for intentional outcomes

“There’s a shift in the age of the buyer, and there’s a need to really engage and go back to those fundamentals of genuinely wanting to know about the buyer as a human being. I want to learn about you, and learn what motivates you, learn what’s going to make you successful, and figure out how I can help partner with you– regardless of the vertical, regardless of the challenge, that’s going to drive better sales success.”
-Sarah Hague, Experian

“We all want sales where someone fills out a webform with accurate emails, accurate contact information, or they pick up the phone and say ‘Hey, I’m ready to buy today’. That’s just not the scenario. You have to be more active and create the need, or you have to solve a problem for the customer.”
-Glenn Sandifer, Securitas Technology 

Hybrid sales will no doubt involve selling to hybrid buyers, but it will still revolve around making human connections. Today’s sales and marketing executives are building teams that can perform and thrive in an asynchronous and virtual world. 

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