Six Reasons Why Virtual Events Are The Future
For Internal Meetings

How do you land your message and engage your workforce in a virtual event world? Here are a few ways you can shake up the interaction tree.

As the world settles into hybrid and remote working, one thing has become clear: virtual events and meetings are here to stay. One of the ongoing challenges with this, however, is maintaining company culture and aligning teams while engaging through a computer screen.

Communicating with your teams in a virtual world has never been more important, particularly as online events have become the standard. And with that, here are six definitive reasons why virtual events are the future for townhalls, all hands…and pretty much all internal, big-team messaging!

The Virtual Event Conv-easy-ience

In 2022, most employees are not only comfortable with virtual meetings and online events, but have become experts at them. They have their preferred virtual backgrounds, ring lights, HD cams, and microphones ready to go (including that pesky mute button). In short, it has never been easier to join a meeting on a moment’s notice, and that convenience has been paramount to the success of hybrid/remote working. Elevating that knowledge into a virtual event environment can accelerate the engagement, interaction – and ultimately, value – that an audience receives. Now that audience is your team. Being connected never felt so empowering.

Employee Interaction

One of the keys to lifting company morale with a remote workforce is making sure that employees, especially teams, are able to interact. Basic virtual events enable these interactions, but the best virtual events, especially team building events, democratize interactions so that every attendee has equal real estate by including chat functions, polls, and direct questions.

These events also allow leadership to create a dialogue with their employees which, in turn, helps keep everyone on-message, aligned, and motivated. This is of critical importance to maintaining company culture. Again, drive the right interactions and the value points will rise from your virtual event engagements, keeping your audience tuned in and connected to the message.

Big Announcements

Product launch events were once relegated to a few people on a stage giving a PowerPoint presentation with some lacklustre graphics to an audience of (hopefully) captive employees. With virtual product launch events, companies have an abundance of new ways to present, all while bringing the audience to the stage.

Exciting Virtual Events Speakers

One of the best ways to keep teams engaged and motivated is with exciting guest speakers – and booking them has never been easier. With virtual events, there are no longer concerns about dates, travel, accommodations, and, of course, expenses. Moreover, virtual event platforms allow teams to get closer to the guest speakers than in an auditorium setting. Even better? Jugo lets you bring your audience members up onto stage in real-time to engage with your speakers. Live. And. Direct. Seriously, check it out.

The Virtual Events Sustainability Gig

Long before virtual events became the norm, companies had looked to reduce their carbon footprints by hosting more and more sustainable events. Now, as global warming and environmental concerns reach a fever pitch, sustainability has never been more attainable – all thanks to online events. By going virtual, reductions in food waste, electricity, plastic products, water usage, and transportation are automatically built in, thus making your event a sustainable one.

Post Virtual Event Recordings

This may seem simple but think of it this way: If an employee was unable to attend an all hands meeting, they would get a rough recap from a co-worker and call it a day. Most of the event’s substance would be lost (and it’s highly unlikely the employee would be asking for a videotape of the event. VHS this ain’t). With virtual events, absent employees can now access full recordings from the convenience of their laptop.

The ease, accessibility, and sustainability of virtual events have proven this communication and engagement platform is not just here to stay, it’s already yesterday’s future. By fully embracing its inevitability, companies can unlock new possibilities of advancement with the highest level of team interaction and experience yet.

To find out how some of the best in the business are already introducing their teams to a new virtual events world, get in touch with one of the Jugo team today. You never know, we may be able to get your audience off mute!

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