Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

How are you supporting collaboration and nurturing a strong culture in your hybrid work environment?

A recent Gallop poll directly asked workers if they would look for a new job if their employer stopped offering remote-work options going forward. An astounding 54% of employees currently working exclusively from home said they would likely look for another job; 38% of hybrid workers said the same.  

When over 700 people responded to a recent New York Times poll about returning to their offices, there were myriad reasons listed for preferring to work from home, on top of Covid safety. They mentioned sunlight, sweatpants, quality time with cats, more hours to read and run but the most strongly argued was about workplace culture. 

Hybrid teams are challenging to manage especially when it comes to collaboration and promoting a strong work culture, which is why it’s imperative to deploy effective hybrid work practices.  

Hybrid Work Collaboration Challenges

In a hybrid work environment, collaboration amongst teams can be challenging. Not everyone will be able to make an in-office meeting at the same time. Ensuring everyone can take part from wherever they are working is essential, yet zoom fatigue is real. In fact, Stanford researchers found zoom fatigue is worse for women than men. According to their data, one in seven women, compared with one in twenty men feel “very” to “extremely” fatigued after videoconferencing. Why is this the case? Researchers claim this exhaustion is due to an increase in self-focused attention when on these types of calls. 

Hybrid Work Culture Challenges

Understanding the culture of your organization is hard to pinpoint when in the office and even harder now in a remote, hybrid work environment. Organizational analytics are key to better understanding the culture at your workplace. When you know what the culture of your organization is, you can then evaluate and keep track of the changes. Analytics can help you understand early signs if the culture is getting toxic.  

Hybrid Work Solutions for Collaboration and Culture

While some organizations are now using apps to book office space for their teams when they need to collaborate in person, many are finding virtual events are still the best way to interact and engage. The virtual space is extremely efficient for collaboration, discussing companywide culture or solving your companies most pressing needs. 

Even though Zoom is widely used because of its brand recognition, ease, and convenience, next generation virtual events are now available. At Jugo, we put you in control of your events and meetings in an immersive, engaging, and simple way. Enhance your audience experience with immersive 3D environments designed to elevate and engage with every interaction. Our easy-to-use interface puts you in control of the entire event building process, from speaker to stage, helping you create events in minutes, not days. Live video audience Q&A and polls, emojis, direct and open chat between speakers, audience, and directors alike to ensure your message is not only heard but engaged.  

To learn more about how Jugo’s virtual event offering can help you to address the shifting virtual world, check out Jugo 

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