What is an Immersive Virtual Event?

Immersive virtual events can help ready us for our uncertain digital future, but what do they entail and critically, how can we realize them?

Engaging your audience is challenging; particularly in a virtual world characterized by noise, but this needn’t be the case. We’ve lived through extensive disruption since 2020 but following the progressive transition towards remote and hybrid working, a number of virtual event solutions have emerged to provide immersive experiences that can help us to drive results.  

What then, is an immersive virtual event and what are the values therein? To determine this, it’s first critical that we define what we mean by immersive experiences and how their utilization can help us. 

What makes an Immersive Experience?  

Thanks to the progression of technology across VR, AR and Gaming since the early 2000’s, immersive experiences have steadily increased in their ubiquity. In spite of this, many are still unclear on what we mean when we talk about them though, so what makes an experience immersive?  

An immersive experience is one that draws its audience into a separate, augmented or imagined world. It is an experience that enables that audience to manipulate and interact with their environment with an immediacy that mirrors reality and increasingly, they are experiences being conducted in 360° virtual spaces. 

Why is an Immersive Experience Important? 

Engrossing experiences are hugely valuable, but why? Here are just some of the benefits of providing experiences which immerse your audience, whoever they might be or whatever they might do. 

  1. Help you to connect with customers – in the modern day, you must stand out. Immersion can help you to evoke an emotional response and offer practical solution more easily. 
  2. Raise brand relatability – the competitive differentiation earned through immersive experiences cannot be underestimated, let your consumer see and grasp your brand. 
  3. Situate yourself at the bleeding edge – only world-leading brands are looking to immerse their customers, stand amongst them by engaging in this space. 
  4. Avoid easy categorization – a great experience transcends language, country and creed – your brand can’t be pigeonholed if people see that you provide one. 

What is an Immersive Virtual Event? 

Now that we know what immersion is and how it pertains to the experiences that you offer, how does this apply to events? An immersive virtual event is one that takes all of factors above into account to deliver ideas, content and message seamlessly to an audience and that takes them out of the conference room and into cyberspace. 

How can you create Immersive Virtual Event Experiences?

Jugo. Jugo is an entirely unique and new-to-market platform to help build better audience engagement and address a physical world in flux. We recognize the business challenges of today and we understand how to combat them. To do so, we’ve built an intuitive system that helps you to build immersive virtual events in minutes. For tips on how to build events like this, check out our virtual event guide. 

Experience matters. Use Jugo to deliver one that’s unforgettable. 

To learn more about how Jugo’s virtual event platform can help you to address the shifting virtual world, check out some more of our insights below. 

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