Top 3 Ways to Start Your Virtual Event

Start your virtual events with a bang with these top 3 suggestions


The virtual events world has come a long way over the last 2 years. Gone are the days of the simple Zoom meeting. Event organizers are continually thinking outside the box, as they do with live events, to keep their virtual events fresh, entertaining, and engaging. But with Zoom fatigue being a very real thing, it’s crucial to start your event on the right foot – to get your audience interested and engaged. So here are our top 3 ways to create the best start to your digital event. 

Let’s get physical 

While we are all familiar with the importance of exercise, how regularly are we getting up from our desks and moving our bodies? Those who are still working from home can often be stationary all day. Those who are returning to the office are often spending their commutes sat in cars, trains or buses. Dedicating some time at the beginning of your virtual event to physical activity can hugely impact the engagement and focus of your audience afterwards. Whether it’s 10 minutes of yoga or just getting the team to do some star jumps, your attendees will be left invigorated and recharged. 

Top Tips: 

  • Make it simple and suitable for all capabilities and provide a choice of options for those who may have a disability. 
  • Make sure it’s easy yet fun! People don’t necessarily have to be in front of the camera to do it, and it should be optional.  
  • Work with your event platform provider to ensure the sound quality of the music you’re exercising along to sounds good! 


Who doesn’t love a good game? Whether you’re competitive or not, starting your event with a quick game quiz or bingo will get people interested and excited. Buzzword bingo is a fun way to get some of those cringe buzzwords we all love to hate out in the open before the event has started (circle back round, you’re on mute and synergy all spring to mind). Or put on a fun quiz either relevant to the event topic or just general knowledge. It will help get the brain in gear and will get everyone laughing and in good spirits.  

Top Tips: 

  • Make sure whatever you choose, it’s simple to play. You don’t want your audience tuning it out if they don’t understand. 
  • You don’t need to spend money to have fun. There are plenty of free games available such as digital bingo boards online here. 
  • Make it easy to mark and define who the winner is. 

Motivational Opening Speaker 

Getting a motivational speaker to open an event is simple to do, but difficult to do well. Getting the right opening speaker who can match the tone of the event, motivate, and inspire is not an easy feat. However, when done right – it’s very effective. 

Need to find a speaker in a pinch? LinkedIn is filled with people who are both extremely knowledgeable and excellent hosts. If no one instantly springs to mind, do some research, ask your network, or go to an agency. 

If your event is an awards ceremony, get a relevant celebrity or well-known personality to open the event. If it’s a summit, get the leading thought leader of the topic to spark some ideas from the get-go. If it’s a training session, get a relevant expert that can explain why this training is important and break it down so everyone can understand. 

Top Tips: 

  • The most important thing to remember is that how you open the event should be relevant, inspiring, and not a tick box exercise. 
  • When going to an agency, be careful to speak with them in detail to ensure you get the right fit. 
  • Practice makes perfect! Schedule a rehearsal on the platform to iron out all of the kinks to it runs smoothly. 
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