5 Use Cases
For Delivering The Best Virtual Event

What does good look like when it comes to creating virtual event experiences?

The biggest names in business are engaging audiences, generating new prospects, and creating immersive experiences with these increasingly popular types of virtual event. Which ones are you deploying?

Virtual Summits

The virtual summit is arguably the biggest, most technical and logistically challenging type of virtual event, but also the most rewarding. In-person live conferences were put to a stop during the pandemic, but they were already becoming more and more digital-first, and hybrid-led. With speakers dialling in from across the globe, and the choice to watch along online. Now, two years into the pandemic, the virtual summit opportunities are endless.

The goal of these closed-door, private events is to create lead generation, build your brand as an industry leader and bring peers together to learn, network and grow together. Not only that, but you can make the sessions, keynote addresses and other speeches from virtual summits available for anyone to access internally both live and on-demand, ensuring the content is useful and can be repurposed.

What else can you gain from a virtual summit experience? The opportunities are endless, but to name a few:

  • Create personal and brand awareness
  • Drive thought-leadership discussion in areas that support your industry
  • Gain industry insight and best practice
  • Learn from proven peer-to-peer examples
  • Accelerate your understanding and adoption of new and emerging tech

Making sure your summit is held on the right platform is KEY! Make sure you do you research, request demonstrations and choose the right platform for your virtual event experiences!

Virtual Showcases

Are you looking to host a series of brand events? Look no further than choosing a virtual showcase. This is a new platform where you can take your digital storytelling to the next level. Host internal or external meetings with speakers and an audience attending from around the globe using the device of their choice.

These type of immersive business events can help you communicate internally and help make your staff feel supported as many organizations try to retain top talent. In this digital era, showcases are a fun way to deliver your company strategy to your workforce or even run training sessions.

But what if you’re looking to host an event to accelerate profitable revenue growth and create new partnerships? A showcase is also an end-to-end virtual event designed to help you grow market share in a cost-effective way. No hopping onto planes, trains, or automobiles. You have more of an opportunity to connect with companies all over the world no matter what time of day.

While nearly every company was forced to adapt due to the pandemic, we now know we can build stronger, meaningful connections and partnerships, digitally.

Virtual Roundtables

Virtual roundtables are a fantastic solution for bringing industry peers together to share their challenges, experiences, and best industry practice – in an intimate setting.

In the working from home world that we now live in, it can be easy to remain in your own echo chamber of thoughts, ideas, and ways of working, so continuing to find ways to network, learn and grow are vital, and a virtual roundtable does just that. Getting the right people in the virtual event, ensuring you have the right number, and making sure your roundtables are moderated by an event host to ensure flow of conversation (and time keeping of course) is crucial to success.

Our experience? Never host a roundtable for more than two hours. You want to ensure people are engaged and focused. We’ve found 90 minutes to be the ideal length.


Virtual Training

If there is one type of virtual event that needs to be an engaging one, it’s virtual training. These types of events are often crucial to the functionality of an organisation, and even sometimes the safety of employees and customers. So, how can you make sure your attendees are paying full attention?

Not only will an event that’s easy to join – with eye catching designs and an interesting and dynamic variety of speakers do the trick – you’ll want to ensure they have their cameras on, and that you’re continually getting them to ask questions and remain involved. Gamification can also help. Building quizzes, mind-maps and breakout rooms will encourage far more engagement than keeping your audience fixed in one dynamic and one medium. Our advice? Switch it up.

All Hands Meetings

Who doesn’t love a good quality all hands? They’re a fantastic way to bring teams together, inform on the latest organisational updates, and add a little personality into your brand. The good news is this is still the case if you bring these events online. From polls to presentations, to speakers and staff awards, you can still bring a bit of flair to these online meetings by using the right virtual events platform.

If your organisation is international, you need to ensure your virtual staging is as slick as the speakers and content you’re putting in front of your audience. If you used to run All Hands meetings in five-star hotels, why wouldn’t you want the same experience for your team in a virtual event? Design and delivery go hand in hand. At Jugo, we’ve got that covered. To find out how we could help you – get in touch with one of our team today.


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