Immersive meeting platform

Why customers choose Jugo?

"Jugo has been an amazing partner. They’ve helped us create strategies that open new markets and opportunities by engaging our virtual participants in a new and exciting way. With Jugo, we’re able to execute on our vision of providing world-class travel booking experiences to agents and end customers."
Gabe Rizzi, President at Internova Travel Group

The Jugo difference

Jugo, The Future

  • Role Flexibility: Switch between roles like a pro. 
  • Immersive 3D World: Who needs 2D when you have 3D? 
  • Instant Access: Joining a meeting shouldn't feel like rocket science. 
  • Scalability: 1-1 chats with your work bestie to global conferences! 
  • Ironclad Security: What's said in Jugo, stays in Jugo. E2E encryption. 
  • Universal Accessibility: If you've got a laptop or phone, you're in. 
  • Personalized Rooms: Just for you, because you're special. 
  • Transparent Costs: No hidden surprises, unlike your last blind date. 

Others, Stuck in the Past

  • Rigid Roles: Stuck in the past? They are too.
  • Boring 2D: Snoozefest alert! 
  • Software Download Mayhem: Good luck with that. 
  • Scalability Issues: Want to invite more people? Sorry, party's full. 
  • Security? What Security? Good thing you like sharing! 
  • Access Barriers: Only wizards allowed. 
  • One-Size-Fits-All: They must love beige. 
  • Hidden Costs: Surprise! It's not your birthday. 

What Is in Jugo’s DNA?

Only the best. By integrating three cutting-edge technologies from giants AWS, NVIDIA AI, and Unreal Engine, we've engineered a meetings platform that's in a league of its own. Jugo immerses you in a 3D games engine, giving you the power to broadcast at scale with live 2-way communication, without the need of special equipment.

Real-time 3D rendering

Experience immersive stunning, lifelike visuals powered by the unparalleled Unreal Engine.

Unlimited participation

Everyone gets a voice with unrestricted stage access. Play with role flexibility, anyone can step into the spotlight with a simple click.

Premium streaming quality

Enhanced cutting-edge video compression guarantees high-quality, low-latency streaming across multiple devices.

Limitless scalability

From intimate conversations to large-scale presentations, everyone can join in less than 60 seconds.

Interactive features

Real-time Q&A sessions, live polls, and emoji reactions. We handle tens of thousands of interactions per second.

Intelligent AI

Our internal suite of AI services powered by Nvidia makes you look and feel your best.

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