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Creating Online Events That Shine

It’s not just what you say but how you say it. So how do you build more engaging online events?

Do you miss shaking hands with strangers, conference hall snacks and nice hotel rooms in new cities? Us too. The impact of COVID-19 is still being felt across the globe, and while the events industry is doing what it does best – being resilient – it is still not back to where it was, but will it ever be? And does the industry even want that?

The rise of online events over the last two years has been huge. Indeed, the creativity and capabilities at hand and on screen are too powerful to ignore, and have so many advantages over in person events. No travel time, dramatically reducing yours and your company’s carbon footprint, wider audience reach. Do we need to go on?

Online events are here to stay, but so is the buzz-word of yesteryear – Zoom fatigue. Snore.

So, how can you ensure you build the most engaging business events, and continue to delight your audiences? From all hands meetings and town halls, to conferences and showcases, it is now easier than ever to make dynamic, creative and interactive online events, and we’ve got the latest and best industry tips below to ensure your events shine.

The sky’s the limit…unless it’s an online event!

Probably the best thing about online events is that you can reach attendees from across the globe! How incredible to have your audience across different countries, time zones and continents.

With a wider reach than ever before, diversity and inclusion can be really focused on, and bigger and better connections and relationships can be built at your already engaging online events. Do you research on your target audience across the globe, reach out to them and let them know why they should be joining you. With the right content, speakers – and most importantly, engagement dynamics – online events can shine in ways physical events just never could. If. You. Do. It. Right.

Make it easy to join online

Once you’ve found your international audience, as long as they’re connected to the internet, they can join from literally anywhere. The local coffee shop, from the beach or even of course their home offices. Events should be as easy as just the click of a link and you’re there. Make sure you’re not making it more complicated than it needs to be. Lengthy registration forms, multiple apps to download, confusing instructions are all big no nos. Ensure your event is simple and easy to join, and everyone has the correct information somewhere they can easily access. A simple email without too much text, and only one link (to get to your event!) is ideal.

Huge interaction possibilities

Once your audience are in, there is a whole world of interaction possibilities. At an in person conference, your audience might have been lucky to find the one person they were hoping to meet during the networking sessions, scouring the name tags. Now, at online events and in the Metaverse, they can see, find and reach out to whoever they’re looking for – easily. This, along with instant polls and direct questions, means the interaction possibilities at your online events are huge.

Online events are eco-vents

Sustainability is one of the biggest virtual wins of the past year. Reducing carbon footprints as individuals and businesses is a huge priority for so many. Hosting your events virtually will dramatically reduce your footprint, look amazing on reports, and encourage a wider audience to come through the virtual door. Think of all the travel time saved, delivery of goods, and leftover paper and swag (oh, but we do miss the swag…don’t we?).

Choose the right online event platform

But above all else, you need to make sure your event is taking place on the right online events platform. With so many platforms out there to choose from, make sure you choose the right one for you. Do some research, request demonstrations, and ensure you choose the one that fits the bill for you and your audience.

Remember all of the above points, in particular the ease of use! If it’s too complicated for you, it’s too complicated for your audience.

To find out more about how Jugo can help keep your audience engaged with your next online event, head on over to our pricing page and talk to one of the team.

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