Fusing the Gap: Aligning Sales & Marketing

Jugo continues its series about the future of work and hybrid experiences in a virtual world. The virtual event brought together Sales and Marketing executives from around the world for a discussion on how enterprises are embracing a new age of sales and go to market strategy. Jugo was built for these moments.

The pandemic forced buyers and sellers to shift to remote and digital interaction; it exposed major challenges to the old commercial sales approach.  58% of reps say their role has been permanently altered according to a recent Salesforce survey.

Host, Neeha Curtis, seen on-stage is logged in from her home office in New Jersey. Our guest speakers joined us from Florida, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Our audience? Global.  Technology connected us; but Jugo’s immersive 3D technology made us feel like we’re together. We’ve designed Jugo to be the next generation of virtual engagement experiences, a complete solution for internal and external meetings & events.

Veteran Sales Executive, Terry Coutsolioutsos, was our featured keynote speaker for the event. As the former SVP for Sales Operations, Marketing, and Communications – Coutsolioutsos spoke about transformational sales, situational leadership, and remaining relevant.

Here’s what Terry had to say about:

  • The future of sales: “I’ve never believed that there’s not going to be a seller and there won’t be human interaction at the end of the day. I don’t think the salesperson will be replaced.” – Terry Coutsolioutsos
  • Leveling the playing field: “I think that we need to find ways that allow technologies to level the playing field so everybody feels like they’re included, heard and seen. Hybrid working environments when not everybody is virtual is a really challenging work environment that we haven’t yet dealt with.” – Terry Coutsolioutsos

The discussion continued with a fantastic panel with the VP Sales and Marketing at Aptiv, Dirk Echtermeyer, and Chief Growth Officer for Tech Mahindra, Bhushan Patil. With questions from the audience, the conversation zero-ed in on sales engines, go-to-market engines, and aligning sales and marketing to land effective and coherent messaging that delivers.

Here’s what Dirk and Bhushan shared:

  • Aligning Sales and Marketing: “The whole way our customers interact with us also has changed. In the past, the way business used to deal with the customers and the way any business was dealing with employees have changed fundamentally. You need to evolve.  There used to be a time that sales was – go, meet, deliver, execute and marketing was more about building the brand and messaging. I think those two functions need to come together because there is no separate go meet, create, especially in in my business, which is a b2b business.”- Bhushan Patil
  •  “There’s no doubt about it that sales and marketing need to be fully aligned; if they have a different view, a different understanding, and are messaging different things, we are not on track. And therefore, management needs to get both aligned.” – Dirk Echtermeyer

Sales always been about building relationships.  Marketing has always been about creating that human connection. The future of sales is about understanding how to balance new communication dynamics with in-person and remote working. It’s about leveraging technology to evolve virtual engagement standards.   If you would like to join us for our next event register

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